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So, here I thought we had to wait 90 days or 6 months or in some cases 12 months - to finance
a home that someone has "flipped" and is Selling.

Well, surprisingly (just found out from Underwriting) that the seller just has to be on title for 30 days. (and, of course, if there are multiple flips in less that 12 monthts - that is a whole other "ball of wax").

So, for those of you who are hesitant to Ask Questions - Please Ask...that's how I learn, too; and you (as Realtors) probably run up against many more scenarios than I do. And, I have awesome support in getting quick answers!

Please call: 281-236-5743 or email: al.rodenburg@flagstar.com with your Questions.


- Al Rodenburg, NMLS#272775

- Al




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Al Rodenburg - NMLS# 272775
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