****** Killer Foreign National Loan Program *******

Mortgage and Lending with HomeXpress Mortgage NMLS# 894318

Great Foreign Nationa product. 


·         Borrower is not required to have a Green Card, SS# or VISA.

·         Max 60% LTV to 2 million, 55% ltv to 3 million and 50% ltv to 5 million.

·         We underwrite as Second Homes…if an investment property, underwriters will consider on a case by case basis.

·         Minimum loan amount of $300,000.  If loan amt is under $417,000 there is an add of .50 to rate.

·         Credit:  No Fico required…four credit references required – alternate credit from country of origin is okay…international credit reports are also acceptable.

·         Income:

o   We require 2-years plus ytd income documentation.  It is not necessary to have U.S. tax returns…tax documents from country of origin are okay.  If the country of origin does not require the borrower to file the equivalent of tax returns we will allow alternative documentation (please contact me to discuss this option).  

·         Assets:


o   2 month banks statement to source and season assets.   The assets do not need to be in the United States.


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