Senator John McCain's Home in Sedona, AZ

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Well, he doesn't really own a home in Sedona, but he loves the area and has a home just outside the city limits in Cornville, AZ.  When he dropped out of the presidential race 4 years ago (or was it 8) he hosted a huge press conference atop Airport Mesa right in West Sedona.  He's a big fan of the area and always mentions his "home in Sedona".  Which brings the following thought to mind... if he's elected president will it affect the Sedona real estate market??  There have already been prelim meetings with Police, Fire, and the Sedona Airport to discuss new protocols if he should make the office.  I wonder how the market in Crawford TX, Kennebunkport Maine, and Chappaquidick (sp?) NY were affected.... and ideas???

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Edward T Mahoney

Senator McCain. I have two associates on the ground in Vietnam at this moment. MSG John H Robertson MIA 1968 case # 1184in Laos, has been located IN A FACE TO FACE SITUATION,and I need you assistance as to how to get him out. As a former POW,  I would hope you would lend assistance in this important matter.


Edward T Mahoney

234 Deer Drivr

Ruckersville, VA 22968-3161


Jan 08, 2009 10:30 AM
John McCain is a war mongering flip flopping tyrant. It's too bad that he was killed in one of the many planes he crashed that taxpayers had to foot the bill for. Or in that detention center he was in when he ratted on his fellow service men. The day John McCain dies I will celebrate his death as something wonderful, one less piece of trash lieing government goon on this planet that I will have to pay for. F**k you john McCain. Ps if anyone has any of his home residence addresses, please post them up, I think it's fair the public, taxpayers, constituents know where this war mongering tyrant lives.
May 03, 2012 11:13 AM