RAMBLINGS..................February, 2014

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By:  Diane Sawdon

We have almost completed our task.  Last December 9th, we set out to paint the entire interior of our home.  We were not even sure if we could do this ourselves.  After all, our Senior Citizen bodies are not as young as they once were.  Some body parts do not bend and stretch as well as they did back in the day.   But, on a fool’s errand, we challenged ourselves to give it a try.  Every piece of furniture in this house had to be moved and the walls were stripped of all ornamentation, and then everything had to be returned and re-hung.  The laundry room, a bathroom, and pantry are the only rooms that must be painted before we cross the finish line.    We have gone through endless paint rollers, paint brushes, rags, paint trays, close to nine gallons of paint and countless hours of Willie Nelson CDs.   Willie is a superior painting companion.  I sing and paint and the Paint Boss does a great job of ignoring my musical prowess.   The greatest satisfaction is when we stand back and look at what we have accomplished.   Never underestimate the painting skills of two very driven Senior Citizens. 

We have two family birthdays this month.   Two of my Grand-Girlies are celebrating their special days.   We will soon have a five- year- old and an eight-year-old.   Where did these years go??   I clearly remember meeting them just minutes after their births.  Now, they are independent, joyful, silly, and loving little girls.  They may be sisters, but each is her own person and I love and admire each of them for their individuality.   What a delight it is to watch each girl grow and evolve as the years pass.  

I remember well the Drought of 1977.   Now, it seems that California is, once again, suffering that very same fate.   I know so many changes must be made on a personal level to navigate through the upcoming months.  I think we will have to jog our memories and practice all those tricks we used thirty seven years ago.   Oh, the dreaded bucketing of grey water.   I am going to remain hopeful that in the coming few months, we might get some winter storms to help out in some small measure.   I know, at this point, there is no quick cure for the drought.

February may be our shortest month of the year, but great things can happen in a short period of time.  Go find some greatness in your February days.







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