Setting Business Goals: Even My Girl Scouts Do It

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Setting Business Goals - Even My Girl Scouts Do It

     Girl Scouts

So, pictured above are my two Girl Scouts. My daughter is 9 years old and she's a Girl Scout Brownie. My niece is 17 and she's a Girl Scout Senior and Ambassador. Sarai has only been in the Girl Scouts for 2 years. Arshawna has been in the Girl Scouts for 13 years. Although they are wildly different in age, they both have one big thing in common. They love being Girl Scouts and have set very specific goals that they plan to accomplish as part of their experience.

My daughter has decided that she wants to send at least 50 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to the military personnel in Afghansitan that her troop supports. She hasn't just set that goal though. She has also laid out a plan that she believes will help her achieve that goal. My niece has set a goal to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award. That is the highest award that the girls can achieve (similar to the Boy Scout Eagle Award). She also has set out a plan to achieve that goal.

Many business owners are not like this. So many business owners set goals but do not follow through with a plan of action to make it happen. If you don't want to look at in December, reviewing your year in business, only to realize that you didn't achieve many of your goals, set some plans!
Are you like these Girl Scouts? You can be!

P.S. If you'd like to donate a $4.00 box of cookies to a member of the Armed Forces, just let me know!  :-)
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