Always Doing The Right Thing Is Right!

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Always Doing The Right Thing Is Right!


I was reading a blog this morning that was written by Diane Osowiecki ( great blog by the way) But it brought to my mind a situation that occurred and why I know, always doing the right thing is right.


It’s always exciting to receive a call from a prospective buyer who have located you online and they call you up to ask if you will  assist them with their new home purchase and relocation needs, and of course for most of us we’re just absolutely delighted with the possibilities.


I received a call, and after asking the diagnostic questions that provided the information I needed. I found out that they were actually in an agency agreement with another agent in our city. According to the buyers it was not anything negative about the agent, it was the transaction that did not happen that was the problem.


I immediately told them, as a Charlotte,NC Realtor there was nothing I could do as it would be a violation of my code of ethics, therefore, I could not talk about real estate with them because of their agency agreement. Nevertheless, they brought to my attention that the agreement was not valid because there was an error with the dates, the agreement should have been dated for 2014 but instead, it was 2013 and it had expired. Not something to be happy about as it relates to the other agent, I’ve learned through my own errors that in business we have to pay close attention to all details in our paperwork and any negligence on our part could cost us.


I don’t compromise my principles as it relates to my business or personal life. I believe in doing what’s right, whatsoever a man sows, he will reap. In our business it’s about making a presence in the industry through networking, having an online presence, providing quality customer service, and more, all of which can generate clients. I will say, I’m blessed with a business where 85% of my transactions are a result of referrals. I appreciate my clients and the opportunity to assist them with one of their biggest decisions, whether it’s buying a new home or the selling of their prized possession.


I said all that to say, if you are seeking an agent to represent you with the transaction of buying or selling your Charlotte, NC home, make sure you are not in an agency agreement with another agent. As agents, we all rejoice when we are contacted for our services, but please know this agent will always do what’s right at all times.


People are my passion, it will indeed be a pleasure to serve you. Check out . As a client, at the closing of your transaction you get the opportunity to rate my performance, read the responses from past closings.


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