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Nichols Hills OK

Homes for Sale in Nichols Hills Oklahoma


Why Do People Live here?

Nichols Hills is a beautiful and affluent city composed of upscale and quality neighborhoods of single family homes that sits conveniently in OKC. Nichols Hills is located within Oklahoma City. The demographics of Nichols Hills make it one of the highest income communities in Central Oklahoma. You'll love the privacy and exclusive feel of Nichols Hills.  It's not uncommon to see neighborhood kids playing the streets of this fine community, the city park is excellent and the shopping and topography create great price in Nichols Hills residents. Nichols Hills is actually a quaint little oasis in the suburbs during the summer and the park is great for sledding down snow covered streets in the winter. It's far enough from the main hustle and bustle of the city that residents don't feel like the urban center of OKC is knocking on their door.

Looking for a home in Nichols Hills?

Interested in finding homes for sale in Nichols Hills Oklahoma? Click that link to find all the currently available homes in this area of Nichols Hills.

What's the Neighborhood Like?

The homes you would expect to find for sale in the city of Nichols Hills generally going to range between 1500 and 2000 square feet for the 'Penny Hills' area to massive mansions in the central and park area of Nichols Hills. Nichols Hills is now surrounded entirely by Oklahoma City on the south, east and west, and The Village on the north. In 1959, thwarting a potential annexation from Oklahoma City, the first city charter was formed. Since its inception, Nichols Hills has maintained strict land use restrictions and zoning ordinances. Known for its quality housing, Nichols Hills and its citizens maintain parks running throughout the city. The city is home to The Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. Nichols Hills is known to have some of the highest housing prices in the state of Oklahoma. Its citizens have the highest average household income in Oklahoma. Nichols Hills has a full-service city government, which includes water, police and fire services.

What's Going on Nearby Nichols Hills in Oklahoma?

You'll find much to do and enjoy in Nichols Hills. Western Avenue is ripe with new locally owned shopping and dining options. The community lends itself to being easy to navigate and walk about. You can learn more about the dining options that are available on Western Avenue here. Schools in the area such as Casady are always popular choices for residents of Nichols Hills. You'll find more to learn about Nichols Hills here.

What Schools will the Kids Attend?

Casady School is a superb private school and the public schools are sure to please your need for quality education for your kids.

Now You Really Want to Find a Home Here, Right?

If you are interested in the current homes for sale in Nichols Hills Oklahoma then click on the link. Our 'for sale' property information is a direct feed from the Oklahoma City MLS and is updated multiple times per day.

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