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City of Buffalo Curbside Green Tote Program


Not sure what is allowed to go into the City of Buffalo Recycle Totes?

Here is an easy list to follow when you're not so sure about what can and cannot be recylced.

City of Buffalo Curbside Green Tote Program Recyclable Materials list


 Office Paper



(when are they going to stop dropping these on our front porches?)


 Milk & Juice Containers


 Plastic Bottles, Tubs & lids

Rigid Plastics

 Metal Cans & Cookware

 All Glass Bottles

All items that are not acceptable for the City of Buffalo Tote

No 'Wet Strength" paper (fridge and freezer, pop and beer packaging)

No Garbage (the City of Buffalo will hit you with a big fine for this one)

No Styrofoam

No Clothing

No Paint Cans

No Medical Waste

No Wood Items

No Concrete

No Garden Hoses

No Yard Waste ( Yard waste can be put out in clear or brown paper bags only, branches and sticks must be tied in 4' bundles) The City of Buffalo does NOT do a street sweep of leaves. 


Electronic Waste Recycling in the City of Buffalo can be dropped of at the Department of Public Works Engineering garage located at 1120 Seneca St., Buffalo. NYS law as of 2011 prohibits curbside drop off unless special arrangements are made. 

Tires: The City of Buffalo sponsors four tire drop off events each year at the Broadway Garage, 194 Broadway. Dates are posted on the City of Buffalo web sire or you can call the city hotline, 311 

What to do when your City of Buffalo recycling tote is full


Here are some ideas to recycle more when your bin is full:

Put the extra Recyclables in a clear bag next to your recycle bin.

Make your own bin from an old receptacle of some sort (cardboard box) - Be sure to mark on the outside of the bin "Recyclables"



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