30 Days of Marketing Opportunities - Day 16: Local Blogs

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30 Days of Marketing Opportunities - Day 16

This series of 30 Days of Marketing Opportunities will give you 30 projects or tasks that your Virtual Assistant can handle on your behalf, generating leads that will ultimately generate more income for you!  These are tasks that do not require a lot of high-end skill but, instead, require some time (hence the reason your Virtual Assistant should handle these tasks, not you!) and attention to detail.  Join me on the journey and I welcome your feedback!

Day 16 - Put Localism Blogs To Work For You

When you write about local businesses on your blog, you accomplish a number of things:

  • your blog moves up high in the search engines due to concentrated local search terms
  • your blog becomes a hub for inforamtion about your local area
  • you become a local expert in the real sense of the word (a person who has special skill or knowledge in a particular field or area - see my previous post on Creating Neighborhood blogs and Creating Community websites)

So, how do you make localism blogs work for you?

  1. Choose your subjects. What are you going to write about? Ensure that you focus on the local aspect of that topic, whatever subject you select.  Some options are to write local series on area businesses such as "________ of the Week" (Restaurant, Grocery Store, Movie Theater, Dry Cleaner, Dentist, Optomitrist, Beauty Salon).You could also write about local events (fairs, street parties, store sales, book fairs, construction, and of course real estate!).
  2. Write local. When you write your posts, be sure to use as many words and phrases as you can that relate to your local area. That will help locally focus your posts for the search engines.
  3. Comment on other local blogs. Your comments (along with your name and website when you log in!) will keep you associated with your local community. That's what you want and need.

When people start to associate your name with their community, it won't be long before you are the one they think about and call when they are ready to buy or sell!  And that's what we want, isn't it?  


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Comments (4)

Wayne Zuhl
Remax First Realty II - Cranford, NJ
The Last Name You'll Ever Need in Real Estate


These are excellent suggestions for any blogger!

Feb 10, 2014 09:26 AM
Donna Foerster
HomeSmart Realty Group - Parker, CO
Metro Denver Real Estate Assistant

Renae~ I have several localism posts planned, now I need to find the time to write them. I don't want to commit to a "weekly" because if I miss a week, then I'm disappointing my readers!

Feb 10, 2014 01:34 PM
Pat McCormick
Long and Foster Manassas - Manassas, VA


Excellent suggestions!  This is fundamentally a local business, so finding ways to equate your name to the locality makes great sense.

Feb 11, 2014 02:47 AM
Renae Bolton
Marketing 4 Realtors - Garfield Heights, OH
I'm your Professional Real Estate Marketing VA!

Thank you Wayne and Jean! I hope that they continue to be helpful!

That makes perfect sense, Donna. It is far better to under-commit and over deliver than to over commit and under deliver. But awesome that you're going to be focusing on localism posts soon!

Exactly, Pat. If 99% of your clients are in your local area, it only makes sense to post on your blog in such a way as to attract those clients. The way to do that is to set yourself up as the local expert!

Thanks for stopping by, everybody!


Mar 01, 2014 10:06 AM