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With Mortgage Loans You Get What You Pay For

Mortgage and Lending with VanDyk Mortgage

Because I am a numbers guy, I am on board with the significance of the bottom line. Because I work with home buyers I understand the impact of fees and closing costs on budgets. As I fellow consumer, I also know how important it is to shop for mortgage rates.

What I don’t understand is when a prospective client makes a decision to go with a bank because they are being lured with a rate that will ultimately represent more trouble than the insignificant savings it is worth.

Basically, there are some financial institutions and unsavory characters who will get you in the door only because they want to sell you more stuff.

They have a staggering list of services you don’t need, but their classic “bait and switch” maneuver is made shiny with the promise of slightly better rates. The issue here is their focus. It is on sales. You have enough things to buy when you purchase a new home. You do not need to be sold to – you need your mortgage process managed by people who specialize in mortgages.

I am not a paid spokesperson for Van Dyk Mortgage (well, I guess I am technically!), but my point is that we do not take advantage of the opportunity to work with you as one to sell you a bunch of products you do not need. We are mortgage lenders. What we do is build the timeline of the loan process based on those outlined in your purchase contract. We manage this process so you are legally compliant. We assure that disclosure delays and waiting periods do not put you in violation of your contract terms. We specialize in mortgages.

At the end of the day, I am not going to be selling you a bill of goods (or another checking account). I will provide the service that will enable you to navigate a complex process; in other words, give you what you came here for.