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I'm Not One to Throw a Realtor Under the Bus, but…

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Today started like any other Monday morning at the real estate office with phone calls and emails and a few laughs over this weekend's happenings. Then a 1pm walk through happened...

storm victim

BACKSTORY GOES LIKE THIS                                                            

Simple transaction with a fellow agent and everything has been smooth up until today. Seller was agreeable to all repairs and cleaning request...still all smooth. Last week brought ice and snow to our area, far from the norm for the South,and a victim of thestorm was a small (approx. 3 years old) oak tree to the right of the driveway. I explained to the seller that the buyer's may want the tree replaced and it would be his responsibility to get that completed. The seller did grumble a bit, but in the meantime, I was already asking a favor of my landscaper to get the tree repalced when this series of emails came through. 


"I am assuming you are professionally advising your client about being responsible for that tree.  It's not like it was some tree in the back yard way in the back - it's right there when you pull in the driveway, and both they and you know full well they would have replaced it if they continued living there.  They (sellers) are responsible for everything that happens to that home up to closing, and how much they dumped into the house and this and that is completely ridiculous and has nothing to do with the price of tea in China.  I'm going to advise my clients to hold off on closing until you can talk some sense into your client.  Completely ridiculous that I have to deal with such nonsense on a quarter million dollar home purchase.  Please handle your business.  Rest assured if my client stepped out of line like that when I'm on the listing side, I would hold them accountable, and if I couldn't, I'd take care of it out of my pocket.  That's what a pro does. The only correspondence I want to hear next from you is, "yes sir, we replaced the tree and cleaned the refrig" because not only are those reasonable requests that the seller is certainly responsible for, but it's just the right thing to do."


"no need to be nasty, I am working on it."


"I'm not being nasty.  My response is cause and effect.  I'd like just one transaction to go the way I treat people, and the way I handle my business on the listing side.  Most of this nonsense is completely and totally because of the agent - this time is no exception. is that how all of your transactions go?  I'd like to know so that I can uncheck the box by your listings for future showings.


"Wow, I hope your day gets better. "


Side note, since the buyer's agent is badgering my lack of real estate know-how....I think it's helpful to point out the diffence between myself and this buyer's agent business. I also has a good comical effect. 

  • My # of current listings = 14
  • Buyer's Agent's # of current lisitngs = 0
  • My # of transactions closed in 2013 = 57
  • Buyer's Agent's # of transactions closed in 2013 = 3
In closing, this is a good lesson in agent to agent relationships. As a successful realtor in Augusta GA I know how to work with buyers, sellers AND my fellow Realtors. The consumer should ask the question of their next Realtor, "how is your relarionship with your fellow Realtors," beacause I can tell you IT MATTERS! If they stumble with that answer, there is an issue. I foster those relationships to help bring success to my real estate business and achieve the goals of buyers and sellers who choose to do business with me.
Folks say I should write a book and I say Realtor professionalism will be my first chapter. I can honestly say, I hope I don't run across this agent ever again and seeing as their lack of class and professionalism is so large that their career in real estate will be short, in my opinion.
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the high road and experience almost always trumps... great job!

Feb 10, 2014 09:09 AM