How to Interview & Choose the Best Listing Realtor to Sell my Home?

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Congratulations, you’ve decided to SELL!    But now, how do I find the right the best listing agent??  Take the steps to find the right Realtor that will make it a pleasurable experience vs. a stressful nightmare, AND that will get you the best price/terms.  

 You wouldn’t throw $50K into a stock that your friend’s Aunt mentioned at happy hour, right?   Then why would you choose a Realtor blindly for your biggest transaction without researching your chosen Realtor?


Here are some things that you should ask the Realtor you are considering:

1.       How long have they been a Realtor?   And how many sales do they average a month?

 ~ A newbie or part-timer might not know the market or best strategies.  

 ~ Or a  realtor that is doing large volume might not be able to give you the service you are expecting.

 2. What is their Average Days on the Market (DOM) that their listings are on the market?  

 ~ This is very insightful!   It helps gauge how long it might take yours to get under contract.

3. What is their Average SOLD-to-List price?

 ~ This is an indicator of what PRICE yours might SELL for in relation to the list price.  If the Realtor averages 92%, guess where yours will likely end up….

4. Request to SEE their past listings (online) so you can see their marketing.

 ~  You’ve looked online and can clearly see the “nice” listings vs. the “what kind of photos are these!”  You want your home well marketed!!

5.     Get references. 



~      The best insight is to get first hand feedback that has worked with that agent.  And ask for FIVE reference so they don’t give their 2 best friends they did deals for.

 You should also discuss Your Goals  with your listing agent:

  •  Timing on moving!   (temporary housing vs. double mortgage vs. shooting for the stars to time it perfectly – this is very important to discuss the options and possible scenarios)
  •  Is it most important to sell quickly?  (kids, work from home, closing on another home?)
  •  Do you need the appraisal (partially) waived ? (shooting for a higher price than the comps?)
  • Do you need to recoup your renovations?
  • What is your risk tolerance? (are you a risk taker?)


Here are my statistics…..




*Northern Virginia Association of Realtors represents listing agents from the following counties: Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax City, Fairfax County, Falls Church city.    Sources: Real Estate Business Intelligence and


Note: Data is never manipulated or “doctored”


Good luck!!             



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Certainly a few facts that folks should know and hopefully shop before they list. 

Feb 10, 2014 11:04 AM