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New Expired Lead Service Makes Mojo Your All-in-One Listing Solution!

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So why are we the “Swiss Army Knife of Real Estate Prospecting?”

Mojo Swiss Army Knife-revised

Over the past year, we’ve experienced a quantum leap in real estate prospecting technology. Consider our most recent upgrades:

The Mojo Triple Line Auto Dialer, which one all-star Realtor credits for helping him list 83 homes in 90 days, shifted to a web-based platform.

Mojo On The Go! became the industry’s first and only mobile power dialer app for the iPhone and iPad, allowing you to instantly access critical database information when making and answering incoming calls.

The Mojo Lead Store, which began as a Just Listed/Just Sold data service in 2008, added real-time FSBO data, aged FSBO data and a reverse look up service.

Now in Stock at The Lead Store: Expired Lead Service

The Mojo Lead Store has allowed you to map out a neighborhood and automatically load your power dialer with matching phone numbers of prospects. As of January 2, we’ve been offering Expired leads automatically loaded into your power dialer every morning along with the Just Listed/Just Sold and FSBO data you received before.

Now there’s no reason to shop anywhere else. All of your real estate prospecting needs are in one place.

“For a long time, many Realtors knew us as only a dialer company and they’d purchase leads from various providers,” says David England, General Manager of Mojo Selling Solutions. “Now there’s been a paradigm shift. You get the data and the dialer in an all-in-one real estate tool.”

“Before you had two payments, two different vendors and you always had to keep everything synched,” he adds. “Our customers don’t want to waste time time with data entry and housekeeping. They want to list and sell houses.”

Getting your daily real estate data through the Mojo Lead Store also means you’ll be communicating with one tech support team instead of two or three.

An important distinction: If you’re happy with your current stream of real estate data, the Mojo system will still be compatible with any of Mojo’s approved data lead vendors.

Waking Up With Mojo

You’ve heard of breakfast in bed — how about prospecting in bed?

“If you wanted to, you could actually wake up, reach for your iPad or iPhone on your night table and start calling prospects without ever leaving,” says England. “There’s no data to import or files to upload when you’re ready to start your day.”

“Mojo is constantly updating your callable listings. We help improve your accuracy and make it far less likely you’ll accidentally call a property that’s active.”

Coffee  Save Time, Boost Productivity, Enjoy Breakfast

Our real estate community tells us they often spend 30-60 minutes just to get  their calling lists ready each morning. Your time is valuable, easily worth a couple hundred dollars an hour. What can you do with that extra hour?

Make more calls. Get more prospects. Earn the right to enjoy your morning coffee without the stress of knowing there’s monotonous prep work ahead.

Mojo is proud to be the first to combine lead management, power dialer and mobile apps all in the Cloud.

When you choose to get your real estate data from the Mojo Lead Store, there’s no need for your prospecting team to learn another software platform. You already know us. Why go anywhere else?

(For more information on streaming the most up-to-date Expired leads and other critical real estate data directly into your Mojo Dialer, visit our Pricing page or call 877-859-6656.)


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