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Our Military, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement deserve it!

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Heroes Deserve it!

I come from a military family representing every branch of the service.  Grandfathers were in the Air Force and Marines, my Uncle was in the Army, my father retired Navy, and I was in the Coast Guard.  I grew up knowing the importance of what our military does for our country.  I also understand the dangers that firefighters and law enforcment go through each and every day.  In my line of work I wanted a way to give back to our military, firefighters, law enforcement, and educators. 

I sought out what I can do to help them and their families.  I started a search on Google to find out what I can be a part of to give back to this community as a way of saying thank you.  My initial searches didn't go as planned but with enough searching I found the perfect fit.

Homes for Heroes is the progam I decided to get involved with.  Homes for Heroes  provides savings and rewards to people that work in our community to make us safer.  Heroes are Military (Active or Retired)(Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines), Firefighters, Educators, Law Enforecement (Police and Border Patrol), and HealthCare workers. 

When a Hero uses myself to sell a home, buy a home or invest in real estate I will rebate 25% of the gross commision I recieve on the transaction back to the hero.  Simple as that.  This is my way of saying thank your for your service. 

For more information visit www.KimoYourHouseGuy.com or call me at 619.772.7997.   Take a look at this short video about Homes for Heroes!