I'm in Love--with My Home!

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Earlier this year I took a survey at Realtor.com.  They were asking for stories about a home crush.  I filled out the survey and the next thing I know I'm interviewing with Sanette Tanaka, a journalist at The Wall Street Journal.  She was doing a takeoff on the traditional Valentine's Day love story.

My first home was a town home I bought in 1991.  It was located in a planned community close to Lynchburg VA.  There were lots of amenities in the community but not much space in my town home.  So several years later I started looking for my single family home.  I would go out in the spring and look, not find anything, and then give up until next spring.  In the spring of 1998, I found what I thought was my dream home in the MLS books that were being used at the time.  My agent checked and she said that the home was under contract and that I couldn't even take a look.  Well, that stopped my looking for that year and next spring I started again.  I looked at the books again and there was my house!  It hadn't sold.  The buyers ended up getting a divorce and the contract fell through.  I went with my agent to see the home and it was everything I had ever dreamed of.  It was a Frank Lloyd Wright type of design, like something I would see built in a hillside on Mulholland Drive.  When I walked in, my heart started pounding and I had this feeling of being in love!  Trust me, I have been in love and I know what it feels like.  Well, I got the home and I'm still living there.  The guy got away but I'm still in love--with my home.  As long as I take care of it, it will always be there.   

To see the abridged version of my home crush story, go to Sanette Tanaka's blog for The Wall Street Journal Why We Fall in Love with Houses.



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