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Here in the Atlanta Market we seem to have a huge number of investors trying to write offers on every property they see in the listing service.  They are all fighting over who will get their offers over first and it's always a sight unseen offer.  "Sight Unseen" just means that the buyer is writing an offer without ever having been to the property.  

Many agents who don't do a lot of listings think this is a great thing.  We at 2ShortSaleGuys will not accept a sight unseen offer.  

Many of them want to write the offer, have 10 business days to inspect the property which means it's really 2 full weeks.  In our experience they wait till the last day to inspect and then they back out or they send an email something like this:

"This particular property does not fit into our investors specifications, therefore here is a termination or we will ask them to consider the property with a reduction in sales price to XXX".

Out of 94 properties sold last year, we had one investor that followed through with what they said they were going to do without coming back trying to reduce the price or terminating the offer.  We understand that there are only certain homes that the investor would like, so that they can rent the homes and make a quick profit from the homes.

However, the sight unseen offers have created a huge mess because our sellers think their home is sold, in some cases, we are taking the home off the market for sellers who are facing a foreclosure just to have the investor come and do their inspection and terminate when it's truly a perfectly good home for someone to live in.  They are just throwing darts in the dark.

Sight Unseen

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Melanie Narducci
Hillscape Properties, Inc. - San Francisco, CA
Your San FranciscoBay Area Real Estate Expert

Good job protecting your sellers, Nakia!  Investors just play a numbers game.

Feb 13, 2014 07:51 AM