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When you search for real estate in St Augustine Fl how often do you pick “building green” as one of your priorities?  Well I think this is something that is finally catching on and not just in residential building.  I recently read an article about a local company that is expanding its existing operation and it’s going green. 

Generation Homes L.L.C., is a builder that builds real estate in St Augustine Fl and the surrounding area. They not only focus on building green but also building a home today that fits your budget with the idea of being able to remodel it tomorrow to fit your growing family and needs in the future. 

I’ve embedded the link to Generation Homes for your information. On their website is a saying that reads, “The greening of America will happen with -or without us” and I couldn’t agree more.  If you’re not familiar with what building green is about, please visit their website for additional information.  http://www.generationhomesusa.com/green-building.html

When looking for real estate in St Augustine Fl don’t be afraid to think outside of the box a little, whether it’s wanting to leave as little a footprint as possible or a need to stay within a budget now but want the option of staying in that same house but growing it bigger to meet your needs in the future.  Real estate in St Augustine Fl can be found to meet just about any of your needs and/or wants. 

I’ve also included a YouTube video by InsulLiving titled “The Future of Residential Housing  - Zero Energy Housing.”  It shows the construction of a green home and the materials used to build.  I’m sure some of these materials could be used to construct real estate in St Augustine Fl.



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Jimmy Faulkner

Clair: A greeat and informative post that needs to be expressed more and more each day. I think we are at a crossroads with going green 

Feb 16, 2014 11:27 AM