How Is The Housing Market Performing In Charlotte, NC. Janaury 2014?

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There is a lot of talk about the housing market in Charlotte, NC. and whether it is improving or if the rise in interest rates has caused the market to slow down and prices to lower while inventory creeps back up.  A monthly analysis versus the previous year and two years ago during the same month allows me to compare and see where the trends are and how they are impacting the housing market in Charlotte, NC.  Here are the stats for January 2014:

First, let's look at inventory of available homes buyers have to choose from in the Charlotte, NC. . In 2012 there were 7150 homes for sale in January. In 2013 there were 5034 homes for sale.  Last month there were 3980 homes for sale. That is a decline of 56% in two years of available homes buyers have to choose from.

Second, the average sale price of homes in the Charlotte, NC. for December 2012 was $198,492. In 2013 the average sale price was $212,409 and last month the average sale price was $235,267. That is an increase of 16% in the average sale price in the Charlotte, NC. market over the past two years during the month of January.

Third, let’s look at days in inventory. How long are houses sitting on the market? In 2012 the average home sat on the market for 10.4 months before being sold in January. In 2013 the number improved to 6.1 months and last month it improved to 3.8 months. That is a dramatic drop in inventory of over 64% in two years for the average homes is on the market that sold.

What the trends are showing is that the housing market is out of the recession and available homes for sale have decreased to the lowest levels we have seen in over 5 years coupled with prices slowly creeping back up and more buyers out there than homes available and you have signs of a robust market in Charlotte, NC. heading into the spring market.

 However; in comparison to last couple of months the trend is showing that the housing market has stabilized and prices are slightly increasing as we turned the calendars to a New Year.  Generally in January we start to see homes available on the market start to come back on with the Holiday’s over with. This year with the odd weather patterns we have had in the Charlotte area I feel it has slowed the sellers from putting homes on the market. The good news for sellers is that you have less competition with existing homes and buyers have less competition when looking at a home and are not feeling as rushed to buy a home in fear that someone else may scoop it up first.  The outlook is looking good for both sellers and buyers as interest rates are still at historic lows and affordability is high.  As we get closer to the spring selling season we should see a dramatic uptick in available inventory.  It would be a welcome sight for the housing market.  Most analysts agree that a balanced market that favors neither the buyer nor the seller is one where inventory levels are hovering around six months on the market.  When you get to low of inventory like we have now the market favors the seller and too much inventory favors the buyers….
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