Fresh linens can take 30 years off a home.

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Buyers are looking at each listing to imagine themselves living in the spaces.  Dated styles in bedding can be a turn off.  Take a look at the difference an investment in under $200 can make.  

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Home staging is not just for vacant properties. Often occupied properties need a little extra oomph. While some sellers and Realtors believe that secondary bedrooms don't need to have any work done and provide little extra value, the truth is in the before and after photo (and eventual offers). 

Fresh linens can take 30 years off a home. 

When I say pink and green decor, chances are you know that I'm talking about the 80s. Add brass to that and there is nothing more that needs to be said. 

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Not everyone loves flowers. Dated rooms, even when they are secondary rooms, can impact the way a buyer feels about a home. If they feel like the room needs work when all it really needs is a little bit of fresh decor then the seller is selling themselves short. 

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Very little has changed in this room but it now looks decades more stylish. This brings better offers from buyers. If you are still in doubt, let's check out another room in this Naperville home. 

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This room is large but unimpressive. The furniture placement actually makes it feel crowded despite the large amounts of floor space available. Unforutnately buyers rarely imagine moving the furniture to different locations. They believe that the people who have lived in the home for the past few years know the best placement. 

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Rearranging the furniture expands the space. Adding fresh linens creates a neutral space that any buyer would love. While this furniture is also circa 1985 with modern linens and pops of current colors and patterns it fits right into today's home fashion. Buyers will no longer be turned off by the dated, crowded feel. 

Before deciding that secondary rooms are unimportant be sure to consult with your home staging professional. Proper placement and small changes can have a BIG impact on the bottom line price of your home. 


Margaret Gehr is the principle owner of Chicagoland Home Staging, servicing the greater Chicago area for home staging, redesign, and design projects. We work in both occupied and vacant homes. 


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