Catamount Realty Group Has a New Mascot!

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Catamount has often been the symbol of Vermont in the Burlington area. Just look around and one can see it everywhere. The  University of Vermont has the catamount as a mascot. Catamount has been used in many of Vermont's businesses as well such as Catamount Country Club, Catamount Outdoor Center, Catamount Industrial Park, Catamount Health and Catamount Realty Group of course! What better way to honor the catamount then to adopt a lovable creature that symolizes the heart and spirit of our great town and state.

A few months ago I was constantly being convinced that a cat would be a great addition to the company and myself. My daughter, Emily, would can be a big pain in the ...... was stating that a cat would be great to have. Of course Samira thought it was a great idea as well and brought me down to the local humaine society to look at the furry little creatures. There were a few that I thought might be a consideration, however I needed time to process it. I never make a decison like that without considering it first.

After a few more trips to the humane shelter, I finally found a possibilty. Emily decided she wanted to look at them as well so she came along for the ride. Samira also joined us to see what we decided to pick and to play with the other four legged friends.

At first, it was a little overwhelming because there were so many choices. Two cats stuck out to all of us as great possibilities. One cat was solid grey and was very mellow while the other cat was grey and white and was constantly taking the pens off the counter. Of course the playful cat was the obvious choice to make since I figured I could teach him to get me pens and other office supplies.

Catamount Realty Group Cat      Catamount Realty Group Cat      Catamount Realty Group Cat 

It has been a few months now and he is runing around like he owns the place. He loves playing with the squeaking mouse and string toy as well as playing an occasional game of chess! The Christmas tree was a particular interest as well to him. I often found him running across the room onto the coffee table and into the tree! Once there, he would swat the bulbs off the tree and onto the floor.

The only problem I have is we don't have a name for him yet. What would be your suggestion?


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