Staging Your House for Maximum Profit, part 1

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Staging Your House for Maximum ProfitSmart sellers know that staging their home for maximum profit isn't hard to do.  It take a system, some elbow grease and attention to detail.  Before you put the sign in your yard, spend some time and effort making the improvements that will make you more money!

To begin, think of your home as you would if you were going on a date.  If you wanted to impress the person who you are going out with, wouldn't you put some extra attention to the details when getting ready for the date?  Chances are you would bathe thoroughly, wash your hair, wear deodrant, have clean and attractive clothing, use make up or cologne, make sure your shoes are shined, etc.  When your house is on the market, it is going on a date.  It needs to be prepared by being clean, updated, de-cluttered and attractive.  Consider what you can do to make each room it's most appealing.   Follow this blog to find out the six simple steps you need to take to maximixe your profit.

Step 1:  Scrutinize your house.  Walk to the curb, and look at your house like a buyer would.  Does the yard look green?  Is it freshly cut and edged?  How about the bushes and trees.  Are they overgrown, or have they been trimmed and any dead branches or leaves removed?    Have the flower beds been weeded?  Is there fresh much?   Are there cobwebs on the porch?  Faded paint on the front door?  Are the shutters hanging even and in good repair?  Are the lights pitted and/or discolored?  Do the gutters sag and need paint?   Be critical with your house, because prospective buyers will be!  Opinions are formed by the buyers when they drive up to your house.  This all important first impression will establish the buyers belief that you have, or have not, taken good care of your house.  They will be pre-disposed to think favorably or unfavorably from the curb.  Make sure you put your best foot forward from the start!  Make the exterior of your house look neat, well kept and inviting.

Walk inside, and stand at the opening to each room.  Try to see the room as if it is the first time you've looked at it.  What is the first thing your eye is drawn to?  If it's clutter, wall to wall toys or an oversized bookcase, you need to clean out and thin out toys, books or cutter.  Is the room dark?  Open all window coverings, clean all windows, inside and out, and put high wattage bulbs in light fixtures.  Do the walls have dated wallpaper?   Remove it.  Does a strong paint color dominate the room?  Paint a neutral beige, cream or tan. Look at the tim around doors and windows, as well as baseboards.  Do they need a deep cleaning?  Are they in good repair?   I told buyers to notice the condition of the trim work, as it was often a condition of  how well the sellers cared for their home.   Do book shelves look like storage, or like display?   Thin them out and display a few books and one or two decorating items.  How about furniture placement.  Do the buyers need to walk single file around your furniture?  If so, the room will feel small.  If this is the case, you need to re-arrange your furniteure, move it , store it or give it away, so  two people can walk side by side throughout the house.   Is the flooring stained?  Does it announce to the buyer that you hace pets because of the strong smell?   Replace old and soiled flooring with new flooring in a neutral color.  Also consider the big ticket items:  furnace, air conditiioner and roof.  Does the A/C make strange noises?  Are shingles missing on the roof?  Is there a burnt smell from the furnace?  You might have tolerated things in your house that you inteneded to repair, but never got around to it.  Be aware, buyers will notice!  Address any deferred maintenance items you know of prior to the sign going in the yard.

Spend time deep cleaning, neutralizing color and attending to the details when preparing your house for sale.  Make repairs to items you know need to be addressed.  Remove clutter and any clothing you won't use while your house is on the market.  These important first steps will pave the way for a profitable sale for you.  Next step:  use an agent who will provide you with the most thorough market analysis possible:.  Have them use the  pricing with proof system.  This one of a kind analysis accounts for recent updates you have done to your home, and reflects those improvements in the recommended  price.  Follow these few simple steps, and watch your house sell for top dollar.  Staging your house for maximum profit really is worth the extra effort!



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Staging a home does pay off for the seller; most of the time saving time and money in the end. Thanks for sharing have a great afternoon

Feb 20, 2014 03:43 AM