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Another great article series by my marketing guy. This time he came up with a whole list of ways to save money around the house. Some of them are region-specific, but most of them can be done by just about anybody. This makes this list a good resource for anyone looking to trim a budget. It was a pretty long list. So many different resources are listed that he had to break the article up into four parts! That's a lot of stuff to save money on!


Here's part one of the list: 


Here, he's got ways to save on TV, phone service, Internet, and food. Several of these require an Internet connection, but if you've got that, you can save on a lot of other things.


Here's part two:


In this one, he's got more ways to cut the food budget, a tip to save on car insurance, and even a way to save a good bit on gas! (That last one is one of the region specific ones, so if you're not in Florida, it may be tough)


Here's part three:


This one's got ways to save on apps and software, some everyday household items, and even some ways to make some extra money in addition to saving it.


And part four: 


This part has free alternatives to expensive software, deals and rebates, and ways to turn loose change into food, video games and other goodies.


If you take advantage ofall the things he comes up with in this list, it could be possible to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year! That's a huge amount of money! With all those savings, somebody could really do a lot. Plan a weekend trip, buy a new TV, there's tons of possibilites. If you could use a few extra bucks, some of these tips are worth looking into.

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