3 Reasons Why Content is the King of Any Social Strategy

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People are increasingly using search engines and social media to find answers for their questions, many of which are associated with buying a home, selling a home, and ways to improve a home. These potential clients are using real estate-related terms in hopes of finding their next dream home, and more importantly, the right agent to help them through the process.

Homes.com recently took a look at the most effective social marketing strategies that real estate professionals should be keeping a close eye on in 2014. At the top of this list was “social signals are running the show,” and we know that it left you wanting to know more. This is why we have decided to dig a little deeper and explore why this is a key theme for real estate professionals to consider.

1. Start Showing Your Social Networks A Little Love

Search engine gurus report that Google’s algorithms are getting increasingly sweet on signals from social networks more so than from traditional avenues like backlinks and other technical cues (although both are still important), because users are actively curating and engaging with the content on social networks (Search Engine Watch).

How does this affect you? It means that focusing on engaging with your social media fans should be top priority, because pages with the most likes, comments, shares, +1’s, retweets, repins and others, receive the highest search engine ranking. Until recently, many people solely focused their efforts on optimizing a single platform like Facebook. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, today’s most successful marketers are actively engaging with fans on an average of seven networks.

2. Relevant Content is Key to SEO

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, co-founder of VaynerMedia and social media guru, content marketing is changing the face of advertising. No longer is promoting products the most important concern for a business; nowadays, providing relevant content is the key to success. This is especially true for real estate, as gaining people’s attention through photos and interesting content is more important than promoting listings.

It’s a simple concept: strong content equals more social engagement,and as we’ve already stated, will eventually lead to higher search rankings. It has become critical for real estate agents to utilize their social networks for sharing local information on a regular basis to build and maintain lasting relationships with their community.

3. Get Comfortable with Google+

Although Google+ started out a bit slow, it’s now the key for real estate professionals to increase their search rankings.  In fact, its impact has overtaken competing social platforms as being the most valuable to Google search results. According to the Internet analytics firm GlobalWebIndex, Google+ now has nearly 400 million users, second only to Facebook in terms of users.

Many SEO experts also consider Google+ a goldmine because of the DoFollow links that are automatically added to any Google+ page post. These links pass equity on to your real estate site because the content is recognized as coming from your page. Establishing authorship of your Google content is the next step in creating and strengthening your presence on Google+. Google Authorship tags each piece of your content and allows Google to recognize that it belongs to you, ensuring that other users don’t receive credit or increased SEO from sharing your content. Once you’ve established authorship, it’s time to start creating and sharing awesome content!


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