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Leavenworth Film Fest 2014

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Allyson and I and our business Icicle Creek Homes are excited to be Gold Sponsors this year of the Leavenworth Film Fest.

Showcasing the best recent independent short films with a focus on outdoor recreation. This year’s festival includes the top films in each category and an awards ceremony.

Categories this year include:

Outdoor Sports & Adventure

Films in this category must contain at least 75% footage of outdoor sports and/or thrilling outdoor adventure.  Films in this category MUST NOT contain more than 50% footage shot in the Pacific Northwest


POV (Point of View)

Films in this category must contain 90% footage shot from a POV camera such as a GoPro or Contour



Films in this category must be focused on telling a story or chronicling an event or series of events, with an obvious message or point the film is trying to get across to the viewer.  These films should have little, if any, footage of outdoor sports and should be more focused on culture or environment. These films are likely to have more audio narration than films in other categories.

Pacific Northwest Outdoor 

Films in this category must contain at least 75% footage shot in the Pacific Northwest, specifically in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia Canada.  Film genre may be sports, culture, environment, documentary/narrative, etc.

There will be local art displayed in the entry way as well as beer & wine. Also included in this night of culture is a red carpet, free limosine rides, paparazzi and a half time show you won't want to miss.

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