Why use a realtor

Real Estate Agent with Remax Advantage Plus
There are many do it on your own type of people in this world, and I am not saying this is good or bad just stating the obvious. When it comes to selling real estate many people think they can do it themselves and save money. I believe that is short sighted and this is why. People who sell homes on there own will save costs but they are not looking at their over all bottom line. A real estate professional on average will produce more showing for their clients property and in turn generate higher offers then a for sale by owner off setting any fees, and increasing their bottom line. The other factor to consider is that if you do get an offer, when selling on your own, the first thing out of the buyers mouth is you do not have an agent therefore you can lower your price. I know there are people that have sold property on there own and came out smelling like a rose, in fact I did twice myself before realizing there is a better way to do things. Thanks for reading my post and would appreciate any feedback on my thoughts.

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