Polar Vortex blues?? 5 silly reasons to move to FL.

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Yes, I know I’m stating the obvious, it’s a bit frigid outside right now.  And I do have on my fuzzy, they are ugly, but comfortable socks to keep me warm. However, just having returned from a trip to the Florida Keys for a week, I can’t help but be overly grateful for the famous Sunshine State. So to continue with the obvious observations, I’m here to give you five reasons to move to Florida and escape this crazy ‘polar vortex’, (not my term, thank the media).


In order of importance according to me:


5.) We have palm trees.  While the bark of the tree is just about useless (ask Gilligan) and the leaves provide no real shade on a hot, summer, day. These trees just bring us bliss. I think because just looking at these funny, skinny, waste of space trees makes us think of cocktails and fun vacations.  In fact, I think I will go cover my nearest palm from the ‘freeze’ we are experiencing this evening.


4.)  Cocktails. I am well aware they make cocktails all over the world, however, Florida mixes up  the best, just ask Jimmy Buffett.  And let’s face it, Sex on the Beach in a bar in Cleveland, Ohio at the end of December is only wishful thinking at best. No matter the season, a fun, frozen cocktail with a swirl of cream on top is best served on one of the world’s top beaches which the majority of are in, you guessed it, Florida.


3.) Fishing. Ok, I’m no fisherman or woman for that matter, however it doesn’t take a genius to figure out fishing in a state surrounded by water on three sides and swamp land throughout, is going to rock. I understand up north they have something called ice fishing. While it seems like a really great idea, to cover up in layers of clothing, cut a circle in a frozen lake and sit on some bench praying the ice doesn’t break and take you and everything else for a dip just to get a few fish, I somehow think a case of beer, a boat Captain Dave, and weather in the 70’s is the better choice.


2.)  Convertibles. Straight out, these cars were made for places where the sun stays out during the winter months.  Sure you get a great three months of top, down weather.   Memorial day (if you are lucky) to Labor Day?? Wow, you’re living the car commercial. Even when our weather bites the big one, we know we can bundle up, blast radio Margaritaville, and put the top down.


1.)  And here we are at number one reason Florida winters rock…our winter doesn’t touch your winter and we know it.  Yes, we are complaining. Facebook is covered with pics of our dashboard temperatures, and kids bundled up, but here’s the silver lining in two days we will bounce back up to the 80’s.  So yes I’m rubbing it in to all you northerners stuck inside and looking to hate us. But here’s the answer, interest rates are low, prices are still at a great deal, so #move to FL, and contact a great realtor, like, oh I don’t know, #pinkladyrealestate at # REMAX.


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