Comfort food and your Real Estate Career!

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Its funny how comfort food can truly help us feel better.  Warm, welcoming, goodness, filled with love and memories .. comfort foods from our past can completely change our perspectives of life, bringing back great members and even motivating us to do better.

Recently I was reading an article about comfort foods and decided to post a blog of my own about comforting foods and how comfort food relates to career success with our company .. read my blog here ..  In that blog I point out that comfort a how a real estate company treats an agent can be like comfort food.

As a broker, I want my agents to know that the 'ingredients' that make up my recipe for success is not just plain old meat and potatoes.  Rather, it's a slow roasted pot roast recipe that stands the test of time but I through in a few more spices to shake it up and wake it up.

Like the Molletes (kicked up open-face grilled cheese) in the article on my blog, something traditional can be spiced up with a few modern ingredients to create something dynamic, fresh and new.  And like comfort food can feed the soul and bring life back into the spirit, the proper recipe in business can feed success and create growth and career happiness.

Like a chef in the kitchen attempting to lift others spirits I see it as my job to create a recipe for business that feeds the career success of my agents.  With a unique mix of the tired and true and an exotic blend of the flavors of the day like great comfort food that feeds the soul, we are feeding the career success of our agents!

What's your recipe for success?

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