Latest Leak Detection Technology with Wally Leak Sensor Network

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Water storage and supply system is the most essential part for every household. As long as water pipelines and storage function well you don’t understand its importance. But your entire family gets affected as soon as your pipe starts leaking. In such condition the immediate thing that comes to your mind is having leak detection through any plumber or by hiring plumbing services. This is because leak detection is the most important part of any leak repair. Once the disease is diagnosed, treatment becomes very easy. But in such cases you most of the house owners face extreme difficulty as they have to take local plumbing services which are mostly below standard and charges high costs for leak detection, repairing and plumbing. Moreover, their availability at the time of need is also very rare. As a result you and your family have to undergo extreme troubles during the entire process and the result is also not that much satisfactory.


Wally High Tech Leak Detection SystemWell, now you can smile because a new advanced hi-tech technology has come up to save you from these entire plumbing problems. Wally Leak Sensor Network System is the most advanced, reliable and accurate low cost and zero maintenance system that alerts you about the leak as soon as it originates along with informing you about the exact leak location. Most of the time you detect the fault in your water pipe lines after it takes an ugly shape and that too without knowing the exact location of the leakage. As a result it costs you a huge amount to detect the exact location. Moreover, in most of the houses the pipes are internal and as a result an early detection with location is not possible. For example if your pipes get cracked in the kitchen after a long time from the day of leakage water will start sipping into the hall room.


If you call a plumber to detect it he will simply break the hall room wall rather than the kitchen wall and then gradually end up in kitchen where the main problem is but by that time your wallet will squeeze up a lot. Wally can save you from this night mare as you know early and exact detection will not only save your home from damage but will also save a lot of money.


Wally Leak Sensor Network is developed by SNUPI technologies whose main principle is to save power consumption with extensively use of wireless communication system. Wally is another example of SNUPI’s technology which uses minimum power consumption which functions on simple watch cells for approx 10 years. You can say Wally is the first of SNUPI wireless device and you will get more such advanced devices in near future that will ease up your life to a great extent. Apart from this, Wally’s entire set up is very beautiful that adds extra glamour to your house. The shape of different parts looks like spaceship and you and your friends are going to fall in love with its design and beauty.


The installation process of Wally is very simple and convenient. The entire setup comes with a user friendly manual that guides you to install this wonderful device without any hassle. The first step to set up Wally is to make a Wally account and name the places with location where you are going to place the sensor. As you know Wally works with the help of electric wire so while placing the sensor make sure that it is placed near some electric wire. Another wonderful feature of this system is that it can be placed anywhere as the shape of the sensors are very small. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the contact points should be in touch with the surface so that it can detect the water as soon as its contact point comes in contact with water and alert you instantly.


When your Wally starts working, it will silently monitor water, temperature, humidity and even the movement. Moreover if the sensors get moved by your pet or any other person you will be reported about the same instantly. You can also set temperature for different sensor based on the place you are keeping as the temperature of every place is not same. For example your bathroom geyser water will be hot but you need not to worry as it will alert you when it excides the mentioned temperature. The most wonderful thing with this system is that you will get the leakage report in your cell phone as alerts and mails in your inbox right at the moment when it starts.


So, you can say that Wally Leak Sensor Network system is the one and only answer of your water pipe leakage problems. This amazing system can potentially save you time and money which you earlier used to waste on plumbers. Early detection of the accurate place of leakage by Wally not only saves a huge amount of money and time but it also secures the water supply system of your house. Hence, you can relax now and stop worrying about pipe leakage in your home because your most reliable and best friend Wally is at its work 24x7 without any possibility of mistakes.

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