Using CRM to Help with Your Real Estate Leads!

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Sales leads are the foundation of a real estate agent's career. Without leads, they will not be able to sell properties and houses. The CRM tools help real estate agents manage their leads and determine who's ready to buy and who's only thinking about it. Consider these useful ways that a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, such as Salesforce, can help a real estate agent manage their leads. Here are the four that may be of use to your company:


1. Use Leads to Determine Which are Ready to Buy


After speaking with a lead, you can make notes that include information that contains name, contact information, product interest, and when they are ready to buy. Emails can be sent, and phone calls can be made based upon the dates listed in the system. This saves the time of the real estate agent and is more efficient than calling every lead on a periodic basis even if they don't plan to buy.


2. Use CRM Tools to Help Automate Email Campaigns


If you need help automating email campaigns, CRM tools are the tools for you. They will automatically send out pre-composed emails on the date set in the tool. This means that you only have to spend time writing the emails once, and the CRM tool will send them out periodically. It's a great way to make the sales process more efficient and save time. If you want to look more professional and be more prompt in your correspondence, you should consider using CRM tools to automate your email campaigns.


3. Generate Sales Reports with CRM Tools


The dashboards of CRM tools are easy to read, and the sales reports are easier to generate with CRM tools. When all information is stored digitally, it's easier to generate sales reports. Forecasts can be generated easily. When you're able to generate reports to track key metrics and sales activities, you'll be able to make decisions in your organization faster and based on actual data. The results can be customized and created with ease with CRM tools.


4. Access Data On the Go


When your data is stored in a cloud-based CRM tool, you'll be able to access data while on the go. Sales people can serve their customers or clients better if they can access the data they need on location. This tool can help anyone who has multiple devices and need to access the data anywhere they are located.


5. Use CRM to Help with Your Real Estate Leads!


If you don't have a real estate CRM solution, you may want to invest in one. The tools are exceptional and can help salespeople significantly. If you want to learn more about the tools available, you can search online for the best option for the way your business operates. Not every solution is best for every company, but there are some that work almost universally for every company. Choose wisely and make the wise investment. You'll be happy with your investment if you incorporate a CRM tool into your organization.

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Anne Kaplan
Coldwell Banker - Buffalo Grove, IL

I am beginning to incorporate my CRM more into my business. Great post on best practices!

May 08, 2014 05:43 AM