can you sell your home by your self?

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Well the obvious answer is-OF COURSE. 

Technology is a wonderful thing, and today we live in the information age no two ways about it.  It allows you to read this even though we maybe across the country or even around the world from each other.  When it comes to buying or selling a home it is simply awesome.  Think about it, internet access to school reports, neighborhood profiles, find-out the latest sales information, pictures galore(even satellite images) virtual tours, even streaming video and more.  It is easy to become seduced by all the information available and the ease with which it can be distributed and retrieved.  As a home owner thinking about selling, it is easy to think, "Hey I could do this on my own.  Why would I ever pay someone else to sell my home?  I can market it myself. I understand all this internet stuff."   Or maybe you have a teenager, cousin, niece, or buddy at work that gets all this tech stuff.  Hey you can have them do it for a couple of bucks right?

So do you really think this is how someone buys a home in the technology age?  Think Mr./Mrs. Buyer sees a home on-line falls in love, makes an offer, buys the home, and that's all there is?  Escrow closed you get your money and on to the next town neighborhood whatever you go.

Wow if only it really was that easy.

First ask your self these questions

1-Would you buy a home that you had only seen pictures and maybe a video of?  Well if you're like most you won't.  You want to kick the proverbial tires see the home up close and personal.  So if that is the case if you do it yourself who is going to be available at 11am on Tuesday or 4pm on Friday afternoon to let a prospective buyer see your home in person?

2- How about insuring the proper disclosures are signed?  Do you know what is required not only in your state, but also your county, city, and neighborhood?

3-What about necessary inspections? Proper documents, title reports, on and on it goes. 

And that doesn't even scratch the surface.

Still there is a ton of information available and a lot of it for free on-line.  You can do it yourself, that's not really the question to ask.  You can learn to build an automobile, defend yourself in court, perform open heart surgery and do a million other things all from the comforts of the home your thinking about selling on your own. 

The real question is-

Should you?

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