Real Estate Broker Tours Are Profitable in Many Ways

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Your own personal park - and theres even an enclosed patio at 7711 112th Street SW Lakewood Washington 98498 MLS 583952Real Estate Broker Tours are a grand way for REALTORS® to get together, preview houses that have just been listed, network with real estate brokers and agents from other companies, as well as get to know agents from their own office a bit better. 

Going in groups to various homes is beneficial to each other and to everyone's clients, as one broker will highlight something they like that the rest of us hadn't always noticed. For example, I am always looking for things to make life easier for elderly seniors who may be living on their own or moving in with their family. So showers or tubs that are easily accessible are always a high point for me and I love to point them out to the others.

Another agent really notices the skylights in a home - which are especially nice in the state of Washington. I have them in my house and my senior mom and I both love them. But it took another broker to point them out for me to notice them in a house I especially loved this week! 

When you have several different sets of eyes looking at homes, you get a more well-rounded picture of the house which can be very useful when you are listening to a buyer talk about their "dream list" for their new home. If I spot skylights on that list, I'm going to more easily remember that gorgeous home in the Gravelly Lake of Lakewood that I enjoyed so much. It had lovely skylights and a grand bathroom for an elderly senior to use.

Another advantage to Broker Tours is that we go at a bit slower pace. Many of them offer yummy treats to entice us to come and to stay - and they work well. :) Even if there isn't any food, we often linger a bit longer than if we each went by ourselves. That gives us a chance to really look around, take notes and photos (I do, anyway), and really SEE what each house has to offer and think about how that could match up with the buyers we are working with. For that matter, we often share special client requests with fellow brokers at our Keller Williams team meetings each week. So if we spot something one of the other agents in the office is looking for, we can sent them a quick  to give them a heads up.

A grand place for a workshop office or grandkids play area at 7711 112th Street SW Lakewood WA 98498 in Gravelly Lake area

Back to that gorgeous 3 bedroom 1.75 bath home in the prestigious Lakewood Washington community of Gravelly Lakes - going slower enabled me to realize that nestled in the gorgeous back yard was a 337 square foot and very adorable building that could be an office or a workshop or an over-the-top playhouse for grandkids! And that's in addition to the garage and carport! 

Yes, indeed. I really appreciate Broker Tours. And I really loved this grand house in the Gravelly Lake area of Lakewood Washington! I must say, my Pierce County "neck of the woods" does have some very interesting and lovely homes! And I'll just keep on learning more about them each week for our Real Estate Broker Tours! 


P.S. If you'd like to see this particular beauty in Lakewood Washington, do give me a call at 657-229-Kaye or email me at - I would love to show it to you! :)

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