Home Inspection Process

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The home inspection is a critical part of the home buying process.  Not only will it uncover any deficiencies your home may have it will also highlight important on going maintenance requirements.

The first step is the selection of a licensed inspector.  The most widely used method of selection is through personal referrals from friends, family or your Realtor.

Once you have selected an inspector you will need to schedule between two and four hours for completion of the inspection.  This amount of time is required to thoroughly inspect your home from the ground up.

It is advisable that you attend the inspection in order to have first hand knowledge of the inspector's findings.

Once the inspector has finished the inspection, a complete report of his finding will be created.  The inspector will review the report with you.

Any safety or structural concerns will be the first priority, followed by cosmetic concerns and important features of your home such as the main water shut off valve.

Safety and structural concerns may require you to request repairs and or replacement from the Seller.  You may also consider voiding the contract if the issues are serious enough.  Your Realtor can assist you in making these decisions.

You will be left with a copy of your inspection for future reference. 

The results of your inspection will have to, in most cases, be disclosed to disclosed to future buyers.  Again, your Realtor can advise you in regard to prevailing disclosure requirements.

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