Bring on the accessories

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Make Sure You Accessorize!  Shells in Apothecary Jars
Accessorizing a home is a key part of staging. 
Here are a few tips on how to accessorize for staging, not decorating, while remaining on a budget and using items you may already have: 
  • Books - To bring a pop of color to a room, place colorful books on side tables, built ins, a coffee table, or shelves. Use stacks of books to elevate a lamp on a side table or even create a side table from a stack of books.
  • Jars - Tastefully arrange fruit, ornaments, pine cones, shells, or sand in apothecary jars and place them in the center of a table, shelf, or kitchen island. In the bathroom, place colorful bath salts in a jar with a clear scooper next to the bathtub.
  • Plants - Placing potted plants around the home adds color, texture, and life. Not only can they be used as table centerpieces, but they also can be placed on bathroom counters, and large plants can be strategically placed to fill empty corners. Colorful, potted plants on the front porch also make for a very welcoming first impression.
  • Baskets - Much like jars, you can place various items in baskets. Decorative soaps along with a few neatly rolled wash clothes in a small basket look nice on the bathroom vanity. Use a large basket to arrange rolled bath towels and a bath brush or loofah. In the kitchen, arrange fake fruit in a basket and place it on the kitchen table.
  • Photos - Stay away from colored photographs, but instead accessorize with nice black and white photos. They don't capture the eye as much and since they have an old timey feel, they look more like art than photos. 
  • Cake Stands- Cake stands and plates give height to whatever items you choose to display. Arrange towels and bath amenities on one in the bathroom. Pillar candles with sea glass or marbles on a cake plate make for a beautiful arrangement that can be used anywhere in the house.

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