30 Days of Marketing Opportunities - Day 18: Don't Forget, Cross Over

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30 Days of Marketing Opportunities - Day 18

This series of 30 Days of Marketing Opportunities will give you 30 projects or tasks that your Virtual Assistant can handle on your behalf, generating leads that will ultimately generate more income for you!  These are tasks that do not require a lot of high-end skill but, instead, require some time (hence the reason your Virtual Assistant should handle these tasks, not you!) and attention to detail.  Join me on the journey and I welcome your feedback!

Day 18 - Don't Forget to Cross Over

Some doctors do it. Lawyers do it. Musicians do it all the time. What am I talking about? 
Cross-marketing!  Cross-marketing, in this instance, is marketing yourself across several social media platforms in an effort to ensure that your contacts can connect with you on any social media platform - and then to use it to your advantage.

The question is, how does one implement social media marketing across platforms? It's really quite simple! If you have a profile set up on Facebook and have fans there, invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn. The connections you have on LinkedIn should be invited to join you on Google+. Your Google+ circles should be invited to follow your stream on Twitter. And they all should be invited to subscribe to your blog's RSS feed!

There are many ways to do this. You can:

  • put an active hyperlink to each of your profiles on everything you write. (This may be a little time intensive, but once it is done initially, you can simply copy and paste to everything.)
  • use social media logos everywhere that are linked to your profiles. (This will also be a bit time intensive, but will provide more eye candy than just using links.)
  • set up a "find me" webpage that lists all of the ways people can connect with you. (This is just a one page website, which can be hidden anywhere on your website, that lists all of your connection links. Then, simply use one link on everything!)
  • set up a cool toolbar that will easily allow people to connect with you - my newest favorite is TurnSocial. (Toolbars are the newest rage, but be aware of your contacts who may not want to download anything new.)

Make sure those you are connected with are able to connect with you on multiple platforms! And to make it even better, why not offer/provide something different that one can only receive if they are connected to you on that particular platform.

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Wayne Zuhl
Remax First Realty II - Cranford, NJ
The Last Name You'll Ever Need in Real Estate


Great point!  Besides AR, we post a blog on Wordpress.  We have 2 different Facebook Groups and post on our personal Facebook pages as well as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Twitter, Pintrest and Stumbleupon.  How's that?

Mar 03, 2014 05:59 AM
Renae Bolton
Marketing 4 Realtors - Garfield Heights, OH
I'm your Professional Real Estate Marketing VA!

You are rockin' it! Great job in cross-marketing! (I hope you use something to make your posting a bit simpler - like HootSuite or something similar!)


Mar 03, 2014 10:38 AM
Donna Foerster
HomeSmart Realty Group - Parker, CO
Metro Denver Real Estate Assistant

Hello Renae~ I need to be more active in Social Media. I only dabble at this point.

Mar 04, 2014 12:36 AM