A Seller’s Responsibilities While the Home Is Shown

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What to Do When Potential Buyers Are in Your Home

house for saleWhen your home is for sale, scheduled showing can be exciting, especially if it’s the first one since your home was listed. As the seller, you’ll want to be right there so you can point out all the amazing things you love about the house. After all, who could know the property better than you? Before you organize a welcoming party for the potential buyers, take a look at what you should be doing while your home is being shown.

Turn on the Lights

To make your house look as inviting as possible, turn on all the lights. You should do this no matter the weather. Even if the sun is high and bright, the corners of your home could be dark. Switch on overhead lights, vanity lights, and lamps to make sure everything inside is well lit. 

Open the Curtains

No matter the weather, you’ll want all the curtains, shades, and blinds open to let in natural light. You also want to show the beautiful views from each window of the home. You can close the curtains if the home is being shown at night.

Secure Your Pets

Not only can loose cats and dogs startle potential buyers, they can also make their escape while doors are open. To make sure everyone involved is safe, pets include, be sure to put them in cages or take them with you while the home is being shown.


This is perhaps the most important of all. While you want to be the one to share all the wonderful things about your home, a buyer will feel pressured and awkward. That’s not the impression you want to leave. Trust your real estate agent to show your home in the best light and get out of the way while he does it.


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