Kyani Opens in Philippines *Business Leaders Needed *Residual Income

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Kyani Philippines

Business Opportunity - Looking for Leaders in the Philippines
* US based product - Kyani -->>  Residual Income and build wealth

I have an awesome opportunity that is changing the lives of millions around the globe - health and financially. The Great News - we will soon have Kyani products and  the Business opportunity available in the Philippines!!! 7 days and counting . . .
Who do you know with friends or family in the Philippines? Who have you worked with in the Philippines? or Who would you like to bless with connections to the Philippines?   My team has just expanded to the Philippines and the people are so thankful for the opportunities in front of them today.
Kyani is life changing!!
You would be able to provide an opportunity to possibly create incredible wealth for themselves and yourself by introducing Kyani through the Philippines .
There's no risk...Except for being left behind. This is a start up opportunity in that country with a US company and products that has 100's of people  lined up to get their foot in the door 1st.
- OR -

Will it be you? Your choice -->> 1st group in to the Philippines or telling others a few years from now  ~ How that could have been you?
Kyani is in almost 60 countries over the past 5 years. Their 4 products have already proven themselves to the world since 2007.

This is the last chance before the official Kyani doors open to the Philippines and your relatives will hear it from someone else! Monday, March 13th in Manila.

Message me for additional details.

This opportunity will create independence, freedom, and futures for many.

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Michele Peterson

Kyani Executive

(916) 743-5934

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The exact answer to this question is highly debatable. Small scale local call centers have already been established even before the year 2000. During those times, most business process outsourcing companies were considering India. However, because of cultural congruity, proficiency in the English language, competent workforce, and lower operational costs, a few US companies favored the Philippines. Companies like Cyber City Teleservices and AOL established their operations in Clark, Pampanga while a few others started in Makati City, Pasig City, and Quezon City.

Oct 26, 2015 02:57 PM