Los Angeles City to Ban E-Cigarette / Vaping

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Well I guess it almost finalized... the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously (14-0 to approve the ordinance) to ban e-cigarette use at bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other public areas.  This ordinance will also prohibit e-cigarettes, aka. "vaping," at places such as farmers' markets, parks, recreational areas, beaches, indoor workplaces, outdoor dining areas and other places where tobacco smoking has been restricted.

Mayor Eric Garcetti is currently in Mexico, but he is expected to sign the ordinance. After he signs it, the ordinance goes into effect in 30 days.

However, for vaping lounges and stores shall be exempted from the ban, which is similar to exceptions made for the cigar and hookah lounges under the tobacco smoking regulations.  But a questions comes to mind since we're comparing the two.  Is there enough data to determine if the e-cigarettes are harmfull, since they are only about 5 years in the main stream "know/use."  I'm fairly sure that finding the long term data is out ouf the question.  So if it looks bad and smells do you ban it without physical proof???

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