Preparing for Your Loan?...Here are a few things to gather

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Items Needed for processing and approving your loan file


1.      2013 W2 and Tax Return ( all schedules, all pages)


2.      2011 W2’s and Tax Returns (all schedules, all pages)


2.      2012 W2’s and Tax Returns (all schedules, all pages)


3.      30 days’ worth of pay stubs – most recent


4.      2 months bank statements – all pages, most recent


5.      Photocopy of your driver’s license


6.      Photocopy of your social security card


7. any retirement statements if applicable (401k, roth IRA, IRA etc.) You are allowed up to $10,000 penalty free for a first time home purchase.


8. Cash Deposits ( If you have cash deposits in the last 60 days provide explanation and proof if applicable) Please try not to make cash deposit transactions into your bank accounts as it could complicate things sometimes with underwriting. If you do have them, don’t worry because the underwriter will take a look at the entire situation.


Your loan officer will thank me for this later. Trust me!




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