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Free Images & Compression Tips

Writing a Blog post and sharing our thoughts is one  of the best ways to keep our clients and future clients current. One of the biggest issues is not just writing a good quality blog post but also where do we get good pictures from?

In Real Estate pictures are important. But unless you're a photographer or are willing to pay a premium for high cost stock photos, you will need an alternative.

There are a ton of great places to get high quality free images for your next blog post. One thing you need to be careful with is licenses for the pictures. It is a bad move to just take a picture from a website since it can get you into trouble and can cost you a small fortune in fines. That is why I wrote a detailed article on my Design Blog to help you find amazing pictures that you can use.

Once you get those pictures, you also have to be concerned about the impact on your webpage load time. Pictures are heavy and can cause your website to be slow. That is why I also included free resources to help you compress your pictures so they won't cause significant page load times on your website. 

Here is a rundown of the free resources:

Free Pictures

Free Photo Compression Tools

I hope this helps you create great blog posts full of pictures that will get your message across to your target audience.

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