Real Estate Sales Representative with Prudential First Properties


Sounds like you came back with alot of good information from the convention, I love reading all about your trip.. and picked up some good tips.

I have so many questions.. but there is one that I am so curious about.. that is the OBA system, my company just signed on with it. I am in the test bata group.. they selected a few agents to be in this group using the system before they roll it out to all the other offices.. any ways, you had said there were some agents who were getting 4 to 5 deals a month.. I just got to say how do these agents get these people to respond??

I get about 2 or 3 leads a week, I told my CAM that she could send me leads of people who signed on just once..and registered.. so.. I send these people a Thank you email. I check there profile very carefully I set them up on alerts.. so on and so on.. but.. I never never hear back from them... and I end my email with a question. so they do have to get back to me.. but other then that.. Nada...

I do have one success story since we have gotten OBA.. and that is this lead came in from a buyer that lives in the UK.. they are looking for a home in my area.. we have been emailing back and forth since we got on 3 mths now.. and this weekend they are here in the US for 2 weeks and I am showing them houses starting Monday.. so that is my good out come but will that be the only???

Keep up the good work Lou..