Things to do in Everett, WA – A Night at the Theater.

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Things to do in Everett, WA – A Night at the Theater.

If, like me, there are weekends and evenings on which you would like to be doing something a bit different but absolutely nothing out there inspires you…………

Fancy doing something you had never thought of before?


Then just take a look at some the offerings scheduled this year at the historic Everett Theater. There are some fantastic evenings scheduled and you should get tickets and enter them in your calendar straight away. The variety is amazing and there is certainly something there to please everyone.

Everett Theater 1

Everett's Historic Theater

Take a Step Back in Time.

When walking into the Historic Everett Theater, it's like taking a step back in time. The interior is original with all the wonderful architectural details and old school red velvet seats. They have both balcony and floor seats and it’s the kind of place you want to have and preserve in your community.

The seats are quite comfy and there is a basic concession stand - soda, popcorn, and candy. The aisles are spacious and the theater is very clean. The bathrooms are ridiculously pretty as well!!

The Theater has a welcoming and cozy feel to it and the staff is always so friendly and chatty. It’s as if they know you!

Theater Tickets – The Perfect Gift Idea.

Now here’s an idea!!!  How about giving tickets for an evening at the Theater as gifts for family and friends?  Opportunities like this do not come around too often and this would be a super present, and certainly a welcome surprise after all those boring gift cards, or meals out at the same old place (though they would never admit it!!).

Take, or send, them to the theater for an evening of live entertainment. I bet they will be talking about their evening for years to come and will probably become a fan of this great establishment.


Amazing 100+ Year History.

The history of this old building is well worth a read as it is one of the oldest on the West Coast of America and has been graced by some major stars of the stage andnscreen over the past 100+ years, since its opening in 1900:

·         ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle & Mack Swain. Stars of many 'Keystone’ comedy films with Charlie Chaplin.

·         Lillian Russell.

·         The Four Cohans. Led by the ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ himself, George M Cohan.

and many more.

Everett Theater2

Everett's Historic Theater


Major Events for 2014:


March:                               Christian Ford - Master Illusionist             Live Performance

April:                                  Rocky Horror Picture Show                        Midnight Movie

May:                                   Vaudeville Variety Show                            Live Performance

July:                                    Done To Death                                             Play

September:                       Rolling Stones Tribute Concert                 Live Performance 


For more information about these events, tickets, prices and more, go to (or click on) the Everett Theater website at:


And don’t forget to read about the history of this great historic theater.


So, when you are trying to think of Things to do in Everett, WA – A Night at the Theater may be exactly what you need.


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