A Great Place to Eat in Everett - Craving Cajun Grill

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If you are looking for a great place to eat in Everett - Craving Cajun Grill may just be worth a try one evening very soon. Here's our story.




You know how it is. You get to a Tuesday evening and you fancy something to eat but neither of you can be bothered to cook. The same old suggestions come out: burger, pizza, Thai… etc, but despite the vast amount of choice, nothing inspires…..


Then I remembered seeing a small restaurant in the middle of Everett called ‘Craving Cajun Grill’.


I had only noticed it a couple of days earlier while researching for my Blog: Things to do in Everett – A Night at the Theater. 


Now, neither of us has ever tried Cajun cooking; restaurant style. Coming from England, it was not a major cuisine option. We had heard that it would be spicy, but neither of us had any concerns about that given our love of Indian foods, of which there is a very rich tradition and abundance in the UK.


So off we went. Craving Cajun Grill is a modest looking place on Colby Avenue, right next to the Everett Theater and seats about 50 people. The walls are decorated with a selection of masks and other items to recreate that Southern feel. Interesting.


This being Tuesday at 5:30 pm, we were pleased to find plenty of seats available, and were shown to our table by Darion, the son of the owners. The place did not stay empty for long, however. During the hour that we were in there the occupancy increased to about 30. Not bad for a Tuesday evening in sleepy old Everett! Looks as if the locals are giving it the ‘thumbs up’.



In researching ‘Craving Cajun’ we have identified a couple of prior reviews in the Everett Herald. One on Monday October 21st, 2013, provide a good background to the origins of ‘Craving Cajun’ and its owners: Calvin and Cynthia Bowens, and one on Friday 14th June 2014 with another very positive customer review of the restaurant. Both make interesting reading.


Greeting and Menu

With no prior experience of this cuisine we asked our waiter (Darion) whether the dishes are authentic. He assured us that they are and we have no reason to doubt him. More experienced Southern food diners and experts will no doubt form their own opinion on this.


The menu is interesting and provides plenty of options to mix and match dishes, though I could only see one salad dish suitable for vegetarians, and none of the entrees. Perhaps a couple of significant vegetarian options could/should be added?? Click here to see the full menu at Craving Cajun.



After a brief review of the menu, and some discussion with Darion, we went with a small selection, consisting of the Fried Green Tomatoes, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries and a Black Salmon Caeser Salad.


chickenchickenFriessalmon caeser


Each dish was excellent and the combination certainly satisfied our wish to sample a cross section of the available options. Other dishes such as the Red Beans and rice were also recommended and we will go back to sample the delights on another day!!





The food was spicy, but not excessively so and I am sure that the heat could have been turned up if we had required. Again, we were told that the spice/heat levels were authentic.


While none of the portions were large, the combination certainly hit the spot and we left feeling full, and satisfied.



While we did not order any beer we did note the modest selection of bottles available including Mississippi Mud, Dixie Slow Brewed, Dixie Blackened Voodoo and bottled Stella, and including some of the local favorites such as Scuttlebutts and Diamond Knot.


A similarly modest selection of wines is also available.



The welcome and service throughout was very good. Darion, the son of the owners, (this truly is a family run establishment!!) with his pleasant smile and cheerful, accommodating nature was certainly a factor in making our first visit to Craving Cajun a pleasant and memorable one. Everyone else in the restaurant seemed to be enjoying their evening also.



The restaurant seemed clean and is bright and cheerful.


All the food was very enjoyable and the menu provides many options and combinations to ensure that we will be back a few more times. All dishes being served to customers around us also looked very appetizing and seemed to be going down well!


We noted the lack of significant menu options for vegetarians/vegans


The welcome, service and atmosphere was excellent


Pricing seems a bit on the high side, with several of the ‘simpler’ dish portions being (perhaps) a little small for the amount charged. But perhaps I am losing track of what is considered ‘value for  money’ nowadays?? I will leave you to judge.



Based on this one experience if you are looking for a great place to eat in Everett - Craving Cajun Grill just may be a great option and we would certainly recommend a visit to the Craving Cajun Grill restaurant to sample what it has to offer.  We have other friends that may, also, not have had many opportunities to try this cuisine so it will make a great alternative to the usual selection for an evening out.


We are already looking forward to our next visit. Perhaps after a night at the Theater??


You can visit the Craving Cajun Grill website for more information about the Craving Cajun Grill restaurant and to learn about their awards, catering service, weekend live entertainment and special events – including late night opening to coincide with events at the neighboring Everett Theater!!

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Tim Lorenz
TIM LORENZ - Elite Home Sales Team - Mission Viejo, CA
949 874-2247

Ok you made me very hungry.  If I am ever in Everett I will go there for dinner.

Mar 14, 2014 10:53 AM
Debbie Atwood
Century 21 Real Estate Center Everett, WA - Everett, WA
Real Estate Broker

Mmmm, love me some Cajun Cuisine!  I'm going to check this place out, it sounds great! Thanks Ian!

Mar 14, 2014 01:29 PM

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