Prime Your Mind for Better Productivity

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Just like it would be difficult to drive your car down a road littered with safety cones and large debris, working with a cluttered mind is not conducive to bettering your business. When you’re not able to focus, mistakes are made, phone calls go unreturned, and paperwork begins to back up. But how can you make sure your mind is in its peak performance? Read the following tips to get your brain in its best shape ever. Your business will thank you for it!

1. Stop multitasking. While multitasking may seem like it’s a business boon, it can actually stretch your attention thin. Results from a study conducted by researchers at Stanford showed heavy multitaskers have trouble keeping tasks separate and focusing on their current project. Their brains were stuck on whatever they were working on before. By going in a handful of different directions at once, you’re not giving 100 percent to any project at any time. Free up your mental real estate by making a to-do list and ranking it by priority. Now go ahead and thrill yourself as you check off your tasks one-by-one.

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