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First time home buyers are one of my favorite to work with! We've had the pleasure of working with many first time home buyers over the last few years and have truly embraced watching the experiences of our client's joy and happiness. The sense of anticipation that we see as they go from house to house is fun to behold. The feeling of joy that is expressed as they find the perfect home is breathless. The look of excitement that comes over their face when they realize their offer has been accepted is priceless! This is one of the reasons why I love my career!

Our profession often goes unappreciated for what we due on behalf of our clients. Yes, we show homes, however that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many moving components that go on behind the scenes when purchasing a home.

 The amount of time it can take to search through hundreds of listings to come up with a list of properties can take hours.  Once the list has been complied, it needs to be planned out for a route that will allow the buyers to preview all the properties and still make it home on time for their other daily routines. 

To make sure everything goes smoothly, I will often visit the homes to become familiar with the route. That can take hours as well. Just staying alert while driving and talking with the buyers can exert a lot of energy.

Once the property has been found, there is the research of the property that can take hours to complete. The contract is written and explained to the buyers and any questions answered. Once the contract has been written, explained and signed, it is presented to the listing agent or seller directly. Negotiations follow next and can be easy or complicated depending on the motivation of both parties.

After all parties have agreed on price, terms and conditions, the Realtor coordinates the building inspection, delivers the contract to the client's attorneys and any other parties that requires it.

The building inspection, along with other inspections are scheduled and attended to make sure everything goes smoothly. If there are issues discovered, the Realtor assists with providing resources and guidance to resolve the matter. An addendum is drawn up and signed to continue or terminate the contract. Follow up afterwards to make sure the agreed repairs are completed can be daunting because not everyone can be as cooperative.

Tracking the progress of the loan, appraisal, repairs and other factors takes time and patience. Things sometimes can get complicated if the appraisal comes in short of the contract price or underwriting does not approve the mortgage due to an error of the buyer not fully disclosing their true financial portfolio. What happens when the appraiser notes structural deficiencies on the appraisal report? These need to be addressed in a timely manor.

After that is all said and done, the closing still needs to be planned and scheduled, If there are multiple closings that day, all parties must be agree with the times and dates. In the end stages, the final plans are made, finances are verified, repairs are rechecked for completion, moving checklists provided, and the walk through completed. This all seems simple, however multiply that by 5-10 other buyers and sellers you are currently working with and all of a sudden, your life just got busy!

In the end it all amounts to one simple thing... Helping you clients purchase their dream home :)

Below is the video testimonial of one couple that purchased their first home and we helped make their dream come true! This makes it all worth while!

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