Hunting Wolves and signing papers!

Real Estate Agent with Tri-Cities Real Estate retired

Hello again rainers, Kathy's Back!

Went to Mann's Creek agent out of Weisr Idaho today to get an offer signed.  Drove up to a beautiful home overlooking the valley, a guy zoomed out as AI was drivin g up and a lady stepped out wwith binocular.s

Turns out that my clients had sighteda pair of wolves on their prperty acroos Hwy 95 and they had called the neighbor who had a wolf tag to come try to get one. 

We live in hunting country pro or con wolves do kill calves and lambs and can cause serious damage to a livestock operation.  It's bad enough having coyotes everywhere.

Meanwhile I spread the offer papers out and explain things and they sign the offer while still trying to see the wolves who had disappeared. 

It was a beautiful drive the hills are greened up - and everything is parklike!  Mann's creek is home to regular rural residences working ranches and some ranches owned by wealthly folks from out of the area - interesting mix. 







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