Calling all Real Estate Agents that call North Las Vegas Home ** Fight the apartments

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If you live or work in North Las Vegas, you know all about the positive changes that have taken place in the "New" North Las Vegas.  Aliante has been such a positive thing for the city and all of the surrounding areas.  These areas really helped in raising the prices of home in the area and now the same developers that sold those homes want to start building high density apartment buildings within residential neighborhoods.

Apartment building are planned for Centennial and Revere, a TOTAL OF 1500 UNITS!!!

There is no one that will benefit from that except for Pardee (the land owner) and many City politicians that might vote to approve the plans with promises of money for their re-election campaigns. 

If you have benefited from selling or buying homes in this area, I urge you to please be present and spread the word to as many people as you can regarding the upcoming ARIL 2ND meeting at the North Las Vegas City Council meeting at 6pm. 

WhenWed, Apr 2, 6:00pm - 7:30pm Where 2200 Civic Center Drive, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030 Description  

People protesting the apartments are asked to wear RED shirts to show our unity!!  Tell the neighbor, bring the kids, let's show them that they cannot just do as they wish without consideration for those that vote them in.

 The city has not address some very serious issues like, already over crowded schools, increase crime at Seastrand Park, increased traffic in the area, shortage of police and fire personnel, and most important where will money come for all of these things.

 There are already enough apartment building being build all around, we do not need additional 1,500 units.  I say we built them in their neighborhhods.

We as a community would prefer single family homes...that can be purchased and sold by a Real Estate Agent that cares about the community.

 See you on April 2nd!!

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Katrina Curry
Squidustries - Geneseo, NY

Now it's really difficult for me to own a house pacman 30th anniversary

Aug 16, 2022 01:45 AM