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Colors and Real Estate and our emotions

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I have just returned from Brokers Tour here in Novato. On visiting many of the houses and condo's on the market I was struck by how the color of walls affect my emotional state. Colors can conjure up the feeling of deep serenity or on the contrary feelings of agitation. Colors are tricky. I can't begin to tell you the amount of times I have fallen in love with that little color chip and have promptly  fallen out of love into hysteria when seeing it on the walls. Here's my opinion, when staging or preparing a house for sale it is good to keep in mind to keep it simple, serene and inviting. The wall colors should create a nice back drop for the prospective buyers furniture.  Create a natural flow from one room to the next.  I like the Benjamin MooreSerenity line, the peaceful Jade combined with the Dove Tail creates a cool but inviting atmosphere.  Kelly Moore's color Tasajara is also a calm but classy looking color.  Of course there is always the lighting to consider so best to buy a quart and try it out. Good luck!!

Perry P. Perkins
Have recently sold (and bought) a house, I totally agree! Not just the color of the rooms, but even the advertsiments I looked at. Out of the dozens of flyers I looked at, I found that the ones with vibrant colors (I like lots of green grass) became my "favorites" before I even visited the locations! lol.
A favorite color can really get me "emotionally attached" quicker than just about anything.
Hey, I happen to be the blog host here at Xerox for FreeColorPrinters, and your post reminded me of an old Tektronix brochure I found about the meaning of color. I've pasted in the info below.


Color Meanings

Perhaps due to extensive commercialism and marketing, or perhaps due to its multi-cultural history, the United States has an extensive list of color associations. From red power ties worn by businesspersons to innocent pink bows worn by baby girls, and from the green freshness of spring to the cold, crisp greenback dollar, colors present an intricate language.

Black is a color for mourning and for formal wear. Black is a serious color and can communicate sophistication. Black has high-tech connotations; another on-the-edge application is in clothing worn by anarchists.

Pink is a feminine color, associated with rosy health, grace, gratitude, admiration, innocence, and romance.

Blue is a male color; it suggests a corporate or conservative atmosphere. It is the most popular clothing color for young people. Blue can also suggest sadness, superiority (as in a first-place ribbon), freshness, calmness, water, cleanliness, winter, and coolness.

In China, purple is worn by literary and educated figures.

Orange represents love.

Green is the color of luck in the U.S. Green can also communicate the concepts of money, growth, jealousy, the environment, illness, spring, youth, inexperience and newness.

Yellow is associated with spring, joy, cowardliness, freshness, illness, caution, and the sun.

White is the color of purity, holiness, innocence and silence. It is associated with weddings, truth, peace, cleanliness, emptiness or even fright.

Red is a provocative color in the U.S. Red can stand for warning or danger, love, courage, anger, heat, spiciness, embarrassment, sexuality, romance, Christmas, national holi-days, and patriotism.

Most prominent are those in the country's flag, Old Glory: red, white and blue. Used in any combination - they say "patriotism." Marketing professionals exploit this color association extensively. But in recent years, they ignore previously honored conventions: For example, black or green used to be poor choices for food packaging. Today, they are used extensively.

The color orange is related to the fall season, as well as to holidays during that time. Orange is an energetic color related to vibrancy, energy, warmth, and cheerfulness.

Purple is related to luxury, power, mystery, religion, maturity, and richness.



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