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Termites in a wall

This is what a sub-termite infestation looks like in a wall with an Infrared Camera.  Can you see the dark area in the center of the image.   Then see the yellow line going up the this shows us the termites went up the wall.

Excellence Exterminating Co. Inc.

INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING BY RON BIBLER A Level 1 ASNT Certified Thermogapher. American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

With the power of the Infrared Camera we can see inside your walls. State of the art tools like the Infrared Camera can help todays termite inspector find infestations like this.Infrared Images reveals many things to the inspector.(1) How large the infestation is inside the wall.(2) It gives him an idea long they have been working on the wall.(3) What kind of damage the wall has.(4) How much it may cost to repair this damage.(5) How much it may cost to treat this type of infestation.(6) How best to treat this infestationIt is very important that your inspector has every tool at his side and have the knowledge on how to best serve you the client. Ron Bibler has pioneered the practice of inspecting homes with the Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera. His FLIR top of the line BX 320 Infrared Imaging Camera and 30 plus years of professional experience. Call

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