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Forever Homes - Looking Beyond the House You Buy

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Do you sometimes wonder at the variety of homes there are, and how you know so quickly which house is right for you? How sometimes it gets really interesting when couples buying a house can't agree on priorities ... and then the role of the realtor becomes so much more important. 

That's why Active Rain's infographic on what home buyers want when searching for their dream home was so interesting. You see realtors working with 20, 40 or more buyers, have a much better understanding of what today's home buyers want. They're able to use this knowledge to guide sellers in how to present their homes ... and to help buyers clarify what's most important to them.

Today's home buyers are more savvy about home features because of shows on HGTV ... but is that the best way to discover what you want in your home? That's why I created the Savvy Homeowner Report, a workbook with 5 exercises to discover people discover what's most in their life. Email me for a copy (until my opt-in page is fixed as we're switching systems and oops ...). 

It's important to pick a house that fits you now, and for many of today's home buyers, they want a house that will grow with them, one they can live in forever. That means young couples need to consider schools, and extra bedrooms ... and maybe add that granite countertop later. 

That's why I took this great infographic and separated items by those things you have to buy versus those things you can change after you move into your new house.

The things beyond your control once you buy a house have to top the list of priorities. They're the things you want in your forever home. So let your realtor help you sort your list of home buyer requirements because a few repairs after you move in might save you a move, a few years later.

dream & plan about your forever home

What Your Forever Home Must Have When You Buy

You've probably heard the phrase about buying a house - location, location and location. For years I've assumed location equaled great schools, so I was surprised to see amazing views and the quality of your neighborhood slightly higher on this survey.

The other items are a nice surprise as it shows people are spending more time at home. They understand that living in their forever home, means these features will enable them to enjoy their home more. We're also seeing this in home improvements that create outdoor living spaces. If you want to learn more, here's an article on the Top 10 Features for Outdoor Living Spaces

  • Amazing views 69%
  • Neighborhood quality 69%
  • Great schools 66%
  • Backs up to green space 50%
  • Large yard 30%
  • Corner lot 12%

neighborhood should be considered for your forever home

Home Improvements to Add to Your Forever Home

Many home buyers want to buy a house that is move in ready and yet compromise is always part of the decision process. That's where you need to separate your list of must haves -- things you can change after you move in ... and things you can't change.

After the home inspection for my 100 year old Victorian, we learned the house needed a new roof and new wiring. The house still had old knob & tube wiring common when the house was built, which isn't something you want in your forever house. While it would have been easier to have the sellers make these improvements, we ended up accepting their counter-offer to split the cost.

  • New roof 66%
  • Outside living space 48%
  • Granite counter tops 39%
  • Extra storage space 37%
  • Nicely finished closets 20%
  • Mud room 14%

What's fascinating about the items on this list is they focus on how your home looks, with the exception of the new roof which might not be optional. While new homeowners make more home improvements during the first year, it also makes sense to live in a house for 3 to 6 months and learn what's working and what's not. That way you'll be able to prioritize where to invest your home improvement dollars as you create your forever home.

learn what features home buyers want in their forever home

ActiveRain.com, surveyed 1,500 realtors who are members of their online community. They work with home buyers and sellers every day, so they know first hand what's important.

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