How to Generate Mortgage Leads by Using SPS's MoreLoans4U

Services for Real Estate Pros with More Loans 4U

 I. Open House Registration Forms

Potential buyers can now register for an open house by putting in their information on an online sign-up sheet from Single Property Sites. Their information is then relayed to Loan Officers, and their agents for the listing. This then gives Loan Officers an opportunity to contact these prospects and ask them about their financing options. It is up to the Loan Officer, on how he or she would want to utilize these forms to engage the buyer.

II. Mobile Marketing through IVR

Use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to quickly engage those curious home buyers, by recording various finance options for the property site!

How does it work?  Potential buyers will dial an 877 number and input the unique property code for that listing. The buyer then will be presented with options that the Lister(Loan Officer, Agents, FSBOs) had set up to guide the buyer.  The IVR works well with sign riders, and other marketing pieces that you might have such as flyers, websites, posters, etc.  Setting up IVR is fairly easy in More Loans For You.  All you need is a nice speaking voice, and a desire to affect a buyer's action with your information.

The IVR system is very versatile mobile marketing tool. It is  one of the best ways to generate quality leads from any marketing pieces.

III. Adding Finance Options on the Listing

Let potential buyers know their finance options right away by including it on your listing’s property site! It's amazing how many  listings out there that are not utilizing this key feature. A lot of buyers  do want to see the financial window of a listing. It helps them to visualize the home as to where it fits on their finances.
Could they afford it?  What are the scenarios for different rates with different types of mortgage loans? Etc. The more informed the buyer is, the more likely they will contact you regarding the listing. More Loans For You and Single Property Sites, will have multiple lead contact forms for finance inquiries.   So make sure to optimize your listing by adding financial figures for the buyer to digest.

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